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The birth of your child is an intimate experience, and I am so honored each time I am invited to be a part of such a beautiful time. I have been a part of the actual birth process three times with my own children, one hospital birth, one home birth and one birth center birth. All were beautiful and all were very different experiences. What I bring to the table is over 10 years of professional photography experience, as well as 8 years of mom experience. During births I like to stay as quiet as possible, and though I am there to support, I also try to "not be there" as much as I possibly can. I bring my own water and snacks, and I make sure to give your birth team all the room and respect they need. Below are a few frequently asked questions that I receive. If after reading those over you would like to meet and discuss the possibility of me being your birth photographer, please book a consultation with me or shoot me an email. Much love to you, thanks for considering me! 

Birth Photography FAQ  

How many births do you typically book?

I currently only book one birth per 6 week due date period of time. This helps to ensure there is no overlap of births.

What type of births are you comfortable photographing? 

I have been a part of many different types of birthing situations. The only time I have run into issues is sometimes in hospital settings they are less open to having a photographer present. If you have a birth situation that you are concerned about, we can absolutely talk through this to see if we are a good fit for each other. 

How long are you there for a birth?

I am there for as long as I need to be. On average, I am usually physically present at a birth for 12-16 hours.

How much do you charge and do you require a deposit? 

Because I only take one birth per 6 week due date period, I do require a deposit of $300 to block off those 6 weeks on my calendar. I block off four weeks prior to your due date, and two weeks after your due date. After the birth, there is a $600 charge to view/release the digital images and print release. 

How soon after the birth will I receive my images?

Typically within a few days you will receive a few "sneak peak" images via text or email (whichever you prefer). Your images will be ready within a week, but will be available to view upon paying the remaining balance on your account. 

Do you post my images online or on instagram?

I will never post anything online without your permission. Due to the intimate nature of birth photography I typically do not post very many pictures of births online. However, I do love sharing beautiful birth stories, so if I so feel compelled to make a post, you will have to approve the images before I do so, and you can always tell me no! These are your photos and your day. I'm here to support you, not the other way around. 

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