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Aura Photography is a physical way of capturing the metaphysic. The Aura Camera is a combination of a Polaroid camera and two hand scanners/computer which together creates a composite image. The image can be taken with the subject, or without the subject (displaying only the aura). 

Do Auras Change Over Time? 

Repeat pictures of the same person will produce the same, or very very similar pictures. However, over a period of time it may change, just as people change. It also may change slightly after a therapeutic treatment.

What does my Aura Mean?

Seeing your Aura is just an insight into your true colors. (Cue the music Cindy!) Just as personality tests and quizzes are helpful in personal development, view this as a tool to help you in your personal journey. Interpreting the Aura is subject to opinion but I have outlined some basic guidelines below. You will also receive a pamphlet along with your physical photo.



When you learn about the aura, you can begin to see and appreciate the profound and unique splendor of your own energy.

Every color has its unique qualities and purpose. Imagine a color wheel; each color has a location on the wheel but no color is better than another. Instead, each has its inherent lessons and positive traits and each presents unique challenges. 


Aura Position


The right side (picture right) of the aura photo indicates one’s expressive, active, or masculine side; the personality one projects outward.


The left side (picture left) of the aura photo indicates one’s feminine, receptive or feeling side; the part of the personality that receives, feels, accepts, and imagines. 


The center of the aura photo (above the head)indicates present moment experience, current goals or aspirations. 

Auras that expand out indicate high energy and expressiveness, extraversion, and a sense of adventure while auras that are closer in may indicate inward focus, sensitivity, desire for solitude, meditation and tranquility. 


REMEMBER, there are no bad colors, and no “bad” auras! For many people, their aura photo is the first introduction to the concept of something tangible beyond simply the physical body or personality. If this is you, please know that this is merely a tool to help you understand yourself more deeply.

There are positive aspects to each aura! We are each created uniquely! There is no need to compare your aura to anyone else's. Instead, use this as an insight. 


You are amazing.

You are beautiful.

And you were created to be exactly who you are! 


Namaste: I see the light (and colors!) in you, and they are totally rad (just like you),



Below are general (subjective) opinions that I have composed based on my research and experience. These are merely my own personal observations as well as a compilations of other people's opinions. The enneagram options are also based on my own knowledge and subjective opinions. This information is meant to be helpful, interesting and hopefully insightful, but not to be taken as a fact!

Desire, vitality, power, the urge to win, success, intensity of experience, action, doing, physicality, love of sports, struggle, competition, “force of will”, leadership, strength, courage, passion, eroticism, earthiness, practicality, desire for possessions, sense of adventure, the survival instinct.  

Enneagram 3, 5 & 7


Creativity, the emotions, confidence, ability to relate to others in an open, friendly manner, sociability, intuition or “gut feeling”, independence, personal expression and expansiveness, finding one’s gifts, the ability to reach and extend one’s self towards others.

Enneagram 4


Sunny and enthusiastic, cheerful, bright, great sense of humor and fun, optimism, intellectual, openness to new ideas, happiness, warmth, relaxation, uninhibited expansiveness, release of burdens, problems and restrictions. Talent for organization. Hope and expectations, inspiration.

Enneagram 7 & 9


Perseverance, tenacity, firmness, patience, sense of responsibility and service, self assertive, high ideals and aspirations, dedication, puts high value on work and career, ambitious, desire for respectability and personal attainment.

Enneagram 8 & 1


Depth of feeling, devotion, loyalty, trust, desire to communicate; puts great importance onpersonal relationships, empathetic, may be a dreamer or have artistic ability. Tends to put the needs of others before their own. May be emotionally sensitive, intuitive, inwardly focused, may enjoy solitude, noncompetitive, receptive, desires unity, peace, love and affection. They need a calm and tranquil environment. 

Enneagram 2, 4 & 9


Intuitive, spiritual and pursuing enlightment. May be regarded as having a “Magical” way of being. People with violet or purple auras tend to be unconventional, and are deeply intuitive. Ease and ability to connect with others, as well as connect to higher planes of consciousness; Playful, non-judgmental and tolerant of others. Ability to manifest their desires from their own dreams; deep belief in themselves and strong personal sense of self. Sensitive and compassionate, "purples" appreciate tenderness and kindness in others. Not especially practical, they tend to prefer to live in a dream world of their owncreation. 

Enneagram 4


A pink aura is more rare, but seems to often be found in those who are regularly pursing spiritual enlightenment. A modern term for this would be, “woke”. It can also be a combination of a deeply driven person who also values and cares deeply for humanity. 


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